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Workshop: Yoga for your story

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Stretch and strengthen your fiction-writing muscles


As a professional editor, I've spent almost 25 years providing hands-on advice and guidance to authors of all kinds.


Now my interactive course is designed to teach YOU some of the strategies that fiction editors use—such as how to:


  • lead with strength

  • think about what motivates your characters

  • visualize your scenes from a reader's perspective

  • map your narrative arc

  • develop an ear for dialogue

  • avoid the most common writing mistakes

  • make sure that every word tells

  • use verbs to make your text more vigorous

  • find and eradicate the passive voice

  • become a "self-correcting" writer.


My goal is for you to improve your writing skills—and to leave every meeting with your head full of new ideas.

Become a better writer in just a few weeks


Each group meets for three hours in the evening, once a week, for a six-week period. The time and place are determined by the convenience of the participants.


Sessions are flexible in terms of content, tailored to the individual needs of the group. In each session, you'll do some or all of these things:


  • analyze a piece of your own writing, and a piece by other members

  • discuss any specific problems you have with your work

  • write some new material

  • practise the writing techniques I'll show you

  • vent about your passion for (and frustration with!) the writing life.


To make sure that everyone gets individual attention, groups should ideally have no more than eight people (and no fewer than four).


Cost: $300 per person. Registration required.

Upcoming workshops: May 2019, July 2019.

To get more details, or to book a spot in the next session, contact me at


You may also be interested in my non-fiction workshop, Writing for Clarity.

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