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The fix note: Your best story-improvement tool

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My detailed assessment of your manuscript describes clearly  just what YOU can do to improve the story. A fix note is a useful—and inexpensive— way to get professional feedback.

With my guidance and encouragement, all the authors of these sample fix notes went back to work on their stories—and later sent me their much-improved manuscripts to edit. As a result, the process was shorter and easier for them (and also cheaper).

Some of my advice is specific to that particular story; but other notes contain useful hints and general tips that may help you with your own book. As well, reading these will give you an idea of what to expect from a critique of your MS.

Fix Note 1 for Cathy, a novelist who'd written a religious story

​Fix Note 2 for Sean, a writer who'd written a noir-type thriller

Fix Note 3 for Marisa, a novelist who'd written a romance


Fix Note 4 for Karen, an author who'd written a horsey YA novel

Fix Note 5 for Colin, a sailor who'd written a nautical adventure

Fix Note 6 for ​Jenny, an author who'd written a detective story

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