Manuscript evaluation: Your professional feedback

I always recommend that my fiction clients start the editing process with a professional evaluation. I read your story carefully, analyze its strengths and weaknesses, and outline what can be done to fix the latter.

My comments focus on these vital elements of your storytelling:

dialogue  *  pacing and flow  *  point of view  *  readability

structure  chronology  *  setting  *  exposition

character development and motivation  *  plots and sub-plots    organization  *  realism and plausibility  *  narrative arc 

flashbacks and backstories  *  authorial voice, style, and tone

  descriptions  *  conflict  *  resolution

The notes in your MS identify any scenes that don't work, or places that need more thought, or persistent writerly bad habits. Then my fix note details exactly what you (and/or I) can do to improve those things.


Whether your story has major problems, or just some minor issues, my feedback gives you a fresh perspective—and helps you to approach your next draft with new insight and energy.

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