Let's work together to make your book better

Whether you're a published author or a beginner, you can rely on me to:

  • Evaluate your manuscript, and give you a “fix list” of ways to make it better.

  • Strengthen your unique writing voice.

  • Encourage you to view your story through your readers’ eyes.

  • Assess your story organization and plot coherency.

  • Suggest ways to overcome problems.

  • Edit your sentences, improve your dialogue, fix your punctuation, query any doubtful choices, point out possible errors, and generally tidy up your text.

  • Teach you to be a “self-correcting” writer.

  • Help you to approach publishers or agents.

With my help, you can create the book you've always wanted to write.

Your personal coach, mentor and cheerleader

I've spent over 20 years giving authors hands-on advice and guidance— no matter what genre of fiction you write:

romance  *  mystery, detective, crime, thriller  *  adventure
historical  *  science fiction  *  fantasy  *  young adult  *  children's story


Let's work together to turn your manuscript into a potential best-seller!

Call me: 613-222-9630

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If your book is non-fiction, visit my other editing website: www.ClearTextEditorial.com


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